Jan. 3rd, 2006

innerimp: (Asmodeus  --  MegaTokyo)
lily: ooh pretty pictures
sushi: not really, just a lot of them
lily: any good blackmail possibilities?
sushi: yeah
lily: yay
lily: wait, none of me, right?
sushi: hee hee
sushi: let me take a look
lily: uh-oh
lily: shit, are there twister pics?!?!
lily: there are!!!!
lily: ack!
sushi: yeah
lily: i'll go hide now
sushi: darn, nothing really good for blackmail
sushi: hee hee
lily: er, can i bribe you over to my side with awesome sga/my little pony crack porn?
sushi: my little pony????
lily: yes?
lily: it's really funny!
sushi: why in gods name(s) is there my little pony porn?!?!?!
lily: i'm... not really sure
lily: but it's good! no, really it is!
lily: and nowhere near as scary as you're thinking
sushi: still sounds bad to me
sushi: not to mention very disturbing
lily: well, yes; but still not that bad
lily: part 1 and part 2
lily: don't worry, the stories aren't too long, and they're so much better than you're expecting
sushi: if not i shall make the luna hug you
sushi: a lot
lily: wah
lily: you are cruel
lily: i would never offer you bad pony porn
sushi: ill belive you... this time
lily: hee

sushi: not only is it pony porn, but lesbian pony porn!
lily: yes! see the genius of it now?
sushi: i plead the 5th
lily: of course. i totally understand *wink*
sushi: =p
lily: but, 'tis good, no?
sushi: ...yes
lily: hee

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