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I don't post to my journal nearly enough. No, really. I haven't posted since, well, Friday technically, but I haven't done a public post for awhile now. Jeez, that's just wrong. What's the point of me having this journal if I'm not going to shamelessly use and abuse it? So with that in mind, I'm going to slowly work my way into that semi-regular posting schedule. And to kick-start myself I'm going to re-instate my habit of praising or whining about TV shows that you guys don't get to see. Ha.


Nip/Tuck ~ This show is getting more painful to watch with every episode. And I'm not talking about the surgeries. Dude. Just how many times can I be forced to watch Christian and Sean get smacked down by fate? Now, I like the angst muchly, but come on. Things are going wrong with your writers when I can not only spot the problems ten minutes in, but outline nearly exactly how they will come crashing down forty minutes later. This is not good. Time to whip those writers into shape and let the boys be happy for a bit longer than half an episode. Only then will the devastation be worth it again.

Boondocks ~ RAWKS. It's just that simple. Ok, yes I'm still a bit weirded out from the voices, but I'll get over it. It would be a crime if I didn't. 'Cause, R. Kelly going to trial for peeing on an underage girl? Hilarious and genius.

Rome ~ Christ, where do I start with Rome? This show is so freakin' awesome that I don't know what to say. I'm reduced to bullet points just to get my thoughts in some semblance of order:

~ Caesar and Brutus are giving me heart palpitations. But not in the "OMG they're so hawt together" kind of way (though they're both plenty hot separately). Just the sadness of their screwed up situation. The tensions between them, how they step around each other, the wary friendship and respect always warring with suspicions of betrayal. And then there's the historical rumor that Caesar was Brutus' father. The writers are being very coy about whether or not the story will go that way, and in any case only the ice bitch Servilia would know for certain. She's not likely to reveal that info before Caesar is murdered, but I can't imagine her purposely hurting Brutus by telling him afterward. Argh. Sadness. And it all ends next week! WAH!

~ Atia, I love you. You are a social viper but you know and do your duty. You shamelessly manipulate you children, but at the same time there's no doubt how much you love them, that you will do anything for them. And tonight, when Marc Anthony cornered you in the hall and you slapped him a few times for presuming he could have you back so simply, that was the hottest moment ever. If only the cameras had continued rolling for the fiery make-up sex, I'd have been a happy puddle of goo.

~ But then there's Vorenus and Pullo. Oh, back to the sadness. Pullo being led into the prison yard like some cheap gladiator. How he barely looked at the puny sword he was given before tossing it aside. How he just sat down in the dirt to wait for his dishonorable death. This should be beneath him. He was a legionnaire, he was of the legendary 13th. And now the people were gathered to cheer his meaningless death. It was only when those so-called "soldiers" taunted him about the 13th that they were finally able to goad him into fighting. And it was made all the more heartbreaking with Vorenus watching secretly from within the crowd, torn between his sworn duty to Rome and the urge to jump in and fight beside his former friend. It was heartbreaking and gut-wrenching, and I watched the whole scene with my hands over my mouth and tears in my eyes. Yeah, I'm pathetic. But I love them and I love this show.


Ah, Datebook. Did you have to dedicate an issue to cats when I have to take Blue to an eye specialist tomorrow? Thanks for not thinking of me, but I'll be holding off on reading you until later in the week.
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