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Article the First
Here is Neva Chonin's column where she lists her choices for sexiest men. This is from last November, and you have my deepest apologies for not getting this up sooner. I would like to state that I totally agree with her, simply because you cannot argue with a woman who is unapologetic about putting Totoro in a Sexiest Men list.


Article the Second
I bring you the Battlestar Galacitica Season 3 Gag Reel. I found this on the Culture Blog at and I just about died of joy. Seriously. Insults are hurled, heads go rolling, and the true horrors of the Bush presidency are revealed. Among many other hilarious moments and inappropriate clips from other the actors' past roles. It's thirteen minutes long, but worth every second. But someone really needs to get them some Beano.


Article the Third
I made the mistake of leaving one of my notebooks out in the office last night and didn't realize that until I walked into the room just a few minutes ago. After failing to will myself into spontaneous combustion, it occurred to me that there's nothing in it that's all that embarrassing. I hadn't written all that much in it, and the most scandalous personal info revealed was that I thought very few people are hotter than the blood-drenched Vorenus and Pullo are in HBO's Rome.

Heh. Nope, not embarrassed at all. Assuming anyone read it in the first place, I might actually feel sorry for them. Though, now I wish I had written more about Atia and my never-ending lust for her.


I was going to post some new year's resolutions, but I don't feel like going into them at the moment. I'll do it later in the week.
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