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My left eyelid is twitching like a mofo and it's driving me nuts. Argh.

So. My predictions for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

~ Sirius
First off, I still don't think Sirius is really dead. Or at least not completely. I doubt that JKR put that two-way mirror in the story just to add angst to poor grieving Harry. It's gotta show up again somehow. I see four options for how it could play out: 1. Sirius contacts Harry through the mirror from beyond the veil. 2. Sirius somehow manages to come back to the land of the living and uses the mirror to get back in touch with Harry. 3. Sirius is back, and he and Harry devise a plan for communicating through the mirror while undermining the Bad Guys. 4. The Daedalus suddenly shows up and Col. Caldwell kicks Sirius off, yelling, "We've got alien vampire catfish to deal with. We don't have time to dog-sit your mangy shapeshifter."

~ R.A.B.
Is there anyone out there that doesn't think this is Regulus Black?

~ Harry = Buffy
If Harry, or his scar, is a Horcrux, then wouldn't he have to be destroyed with all the other horcruxes? So long as one survives Voldemort can keep regenerating himself; they'd have no choice but to destroy it. But I don't think Harry will actually die. If anything, he'll likely have to go through some overly complicated painful ritual to get rid of it, something so horrible he'll think he's dying. Maybe even faint pass out, and people will think he died. One can only hope.

~ Wiccan Ritual Order
I think the theory I read years ago will still hold true: Black (Sacrifice), White (Purification), Red (Rebirth) = Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore, Rubius Hagrid. And not a moment too soon. Sorry Hagrid, but good riddance.

~ Snape
Snape will prove that he has always been loyal to Dumbledore, but he will still have to die because JKR sux. So depressing.

In other words: EVERYONE WILL DIIIIIIIEEEEEEE. Ok, not everyone, but I think the majority of the adults will die just because JKR does not approve of authority figures. Or something. But she'll spare most of the children. Because I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of priiiiiide. Er. Ahem. Sorry, don't know where that came from. Sometimes my brain scares me.

~ Survivors
McGonagall will survive, just because someone has to carry the torch for the old guard; Arthur and Molly Weasley, because that would be too cruel to kill them, despite how much I don't approve of either of them; most of the Weasley kids, though one of the older ones (Bill, Charlie, or Percy) might die just to damage them a little. I really don't think she'll be killing off too many children. These are still children's books, and I think JKR really does still think children should feel invincible, that everything will continue on forever in perfect harmony. Yeah, right.

~ The End?
Blah blah, big confrontation. Blah blah, fight to the death. Blah blah denouement. And it will all finish with Harry and Co. somewhere in the future sending there kids off for their first year in Hogwarts. Because JKR will want to tie down as many loose endings as possible to keep her little darlings away from the icky evil fan fiction writers. I can't wait to see how they will write circles around her.

By the way, Live Journal seems intent of self-destructing again. Take a look:
We'll see how much damage they manage to do this time.
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