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lily: enjoy [sends link that may induce eye-gouging]
sushi: ...
sushi: i could have really gone with out seeing that
lily: yeah, but i'm from the school of "share the pain"
sushi: i hate school
sushi: damn wish i had some pain to share
lily: heh, don't worry about it, i'm sure i'll find more to share
sushi: thats a little one sided
lily: not really, it does require me to suffer first
sushi: true
sushi: question, altho not sure if i want to know the answer, how did you find that batman comic?
lily: um, why you want to know? *shifty eyes* i wasn't searching for pony porn, if that's what you're asking!
sushi: sure you werent


luna: did you see nyanko-chan's animal cracker poll?
lily: no, i'll check my dev
lily: ok, i don't remember koalas in those boxes, but it has been awhile since i've had one
luna: i always ate the ones from the little box, just pulled them out of the box and ate....... i picked tiger
luna: you?
lily: i'm trying to remember... probably either the lion or the elephant
lily: i'm putting elephant as my choice, but i don't think i would actively search it out
luna: ....i commented .......^_^
lily: ha! you're such a dork ; p
luna: what?!
luna: wait, did you see it??
lily: yeah, i just read it
lily: you must have been fun at dinner when you were a kid
luna: oddly it sounds like an elizabeth responce
lily: which response? my here or yours there?
luna: mine there
lily: ah. very true. you speak elizabeth-ese
luna: haahaaa!!
luna: i will be her translator from now on
luna: = D
lily: you will be in great demand for your skill
luna: cuz its not only language its sign language by way of utencils
lily: always keep your eyes on the fork, it be silent but deadly
luna: si si


luna: mmmm, i need water.....i hope im not getting sick
luna: im gonna go grab water
lily: grab me some too!!!
lily: but whyyyyyyyyy!?!?!!?
lily: i luvs you water!!!!
luna: water: *shivers*
luna: water: *vomits*
luna: ....
lily: what? what does it vomit, oxygen molecules?
luna: O and H, duh
lily: shouldn't that be O, O, and H? as in ooh?
luna: now thats just redundent
lily: "OOH": the sound of water vomiting
luna: but many times over
lily: no, that's just porn noises
lily: dude, is your water getting it on? um, you can keep you water, i'll find my own non-skanking kind
luna: so what it only throws up one water molecule worth when it vomits???
lily: of course not, don't be silly. do you only throw up one potato chip at a time? no, they all come up in one undignified heap
luna: haahaahaa!!!!! it dosent sound like"OOH" it sounds like darris throwing up in the elevator
luna: which is why it wouldnt be "OOH"
luna: lol
lily: um, that was supposed to be 'win'
luna: heehee, im sitting here cracking up at the thought
lily: yeah, good times
luna: im having trouble not laughing
lily: don't worry, i'm still giggling too
luna: heehee
lily: it's really hard not to replay that whole scene
luna: must breath
luna: dude you are so posting an aimless
lily: hell yeah!


lily: see why i like merlin? (don't worry, it's a short story)[sends link]
lily: na na na na na na BATMAN! [sends aforementioned eye-gouging link]
luna: shut up im reading!!!
luna: here have a robin
luna: *tosses the boy decoy in random direction*
lily: *catches* *skeptical* why is he sparkly?
luna: *kicks glitter aside*
luna: i have no idea
luna: i saw ties, and brain went "alternet universe!"....
luna: back to robin, hes called decoy for a reason
lily: ahahaha, i'm sure it's only a matter of time before the cross-over will happen
lily: doesn't mean you have to tart the poor boy up. he's complaning about sparkles in hard to reach places. too cruel, my dear
luna: ...what?! i just handed him the container of glitter, if its any where odd its cuz he put it there!
lily: *eyes robin* what has that billionaire playboy been teaching you?
luna: ....hes not talking, but that blushing aint helping him

Date: 2009-04-28 05:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
you know what, i think of water throwing up, ie darris throwing up, and i start laughing all over again ^_^ =D

Date: 2009-04-28 06:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I know! A glass of water will never be the same again.

Oh, another thing I was remembering about Darris that day was him bringing us "mints." How he managed to mistake decorative glass pebbles for candy, no matter how sick he was feeling, I'll never understand. And where the hell did he get them, anyway?

Date: 2009-04-28 10:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
somewhere in the lobby i assume, my question is where, in the plants? in an ash tray....somewhere that the staff did not notice him taking them.

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