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Luna: im afraid - deviantART: Hunting Acorns by *ursulav
lily: oookkkaayyy. nice work, though
lily: actually, kind of funny
Luna: yeah
lily: "Savage, stubborn, and ferociously independant, the spirit of the acorn cannot be broken."
Luna: heehee
lily: truly, we do not fully appreciate this noble nut as much as it deserves
Luna: haahaa!
lily: *snerk*
lily: how wrong is it that it was tamed by a squirl?
lily: uh oh, just realized that you should send this to angie
lily: i'd love to see her reaction
Luna: you just realized it?
lily: sometimes i can be slow on the uptake
Luna: *pat pat*

Luna: [web site that won't load]
lily: nope
Luna: one of these is bound to work, right? [more site addresses]
lily: sorry
Luna: do you have a parental block or no that cant be it...youd go through withdral
lily: hahaha!
Luna: well you get no funniness then
lily: sadness... except i'm still giggling
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Wow, has this ever been the week of craptastic luck. Just a quick run-down: locked myself out of the house; bent my car key by slamming it in the front door; whacked my pinkie toe on desk, turning it into a purple and yellow throbbing appendage of pain; since then have not gone one day without re-bashing said toe into numerous low-lying objects; broke a glass; got a blister on the roof of my mouth from a scalding hot french fry; and my mother has repeatedly accused me of being cruel and inhuman because I'm trying to follow our vet's orders and putting my cat on a diet.

What, did I inadvertently pee on some deity's sacred calf? 'Cause if I have offended anyone or anything, I am so very sorry. Really, truly, very, very sorry.

My poor toe )
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Sometimes I can't help but be astounded at the sheer stupidity of my cat. For the most part, I think Blue's fairly intelligent, but then there are moments when you gotta wonder if she's got a fur ball lodged in her brain. Really, what else am I expected to think when she insists on bringing hissing baby opossums into the house? Bad enough that she occasionally loses a rat or two, but why grab something that is simply too big for her to deal with in the first place? Dopey feline. The first possum she lost mere seconds after she let it go, and it took us nearly two days to find it and let it free. Darn thing was pretty spunky too; it hissed like mad while backing away from me when I let it go.

Timing for the second one was perfect. It just so happened that [ profile] saffire_rose was over. We were watching House M.D. when I hear Blue come in through the pet door. Personally, I find it hilarious when she comes strutting in and giving a muffled meow through a mouthful of prey. Sadly, Saffie doesn't find it as amusing. The moment she saw that Blue had a furry grey critter with a long pink tail, she screamed and jumped up onto the chair, which was pretty funny all on it's own. But I have to say she handled the whole thing fairly well, and was able to help out by fetching me a box to capture the possum while I had cornered. She even walked with me to the empty lot up the street so I could set the little bugger free, although remaining a good ten feet away the whole time. All in all, I'd say Saffie done good.

Anyway, those 'possums were the last straw. A few weeks ago I had thought it would be fun if I could get her to wear a cute little collar, and to be nice I was going to remove the bell from it in an effort to make it more acceptable to her. Thankfully, I never got around to removing it. (But I have been wearing my jingly silver anklet everyday since, just so she wouldn't feel so alone in the noisiness. Oddly enough, I think she actually appreciates that.)

So she has now been fitted with her new collar, and I can hear her when she comes down the stairs to eat her food. Or has an itch. Or decides to enthusiastically groom herself in the most embarrassing manner. Whatever. Just please don't laugh at my cat, 'cos she's all hypersensitive about it and will likely claw the shit out of you. And I won't offer you any bactine or band aids because didn't I warn you and you didn't listen so ha.

ETA: Pictures! )
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21 Chapters into Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: OMG OMG OH SHIT OMG!!!!!

Half an hour into Stargate SG-1: OMG HA HA HA OMG!!!!!

And finally, based on the few glimpses I've had of Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Gallactica: OMG DON'T DIE BILL GO RODNEY GO OMG!!!!!

Yup. That about sums things up.

Ms. Rowling,
If I had wanted to hear bad dialog spouted by Teh Evol, I would've plunked down my $10 to see Revenge of the Sith. Other than that, though, Rock On.
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We miss you Luna! As if you didn't already guess. Are you having fun without us? I hope so. Although I like imagining you gritting your teeth and fighting the urge to break down and start gabbing about Harry Potter and Stargate to your cousins and whatever random strangers you pass by. The thought makes me smile, so I think about it a lot.

The house is doing well, and the cats seem to have gotten used to us fairly quickly. Joey scared the hell out of me the first day when he decided to play dead at the front door, but other than that is just as Joey as usual. Fluffy still acts like a southern belle and continues to declare herself Queen Bitch Kitty, though I've taken to calling her Miss Fluffy in her presence. She likes to stand by and voice her opinions while I'm scooping the litter box, which is only a little nerve-wracking. And Gata seems to have adjusted pretty well. She's only had a few pissy moments, usually when I've slipped and called her by my cat's name (oops), and only occasionally looks at me as if to say, "Why are you still here?!?!" But she's been very tolerant of me, and doesn't seem to mind my weird presence.

Did you know that we somehow ended up being official volunteers for the Harry Potter party? All because we've read the books. Yup, apparently no one in B&N knows a darn thing about them. Thats right, not one person in the entire BOOKSTORE knows anything about the best-selling series of the past five years. Pathetic, wouldn't you agree? Well, Darris has been reading them, but he's just barely started Book 3. Heh, Saffie handed him her print outs of Shoebox to read, but we had to snatch them back when he asked who Prongs was. That's just unacceptable. Guess we'll have to wait until he's read up to Book 5 before forcing them on him again. But at least he was enjoying them up 'til then. Oh, speaking of Darris, could you tell us where your robe is hiding? I tried looking for it the other day, but couldn't remember where you'd said it would be.

Sorry it's taken so long to get to this. I've hardly had a chance to get on the computer out here. Argh, frustrating. But I'm glad you wrote, both regular and e-mail. Hope to hear from you again soon, but until then I'll just have to be content with figuring what kind of otherish things to leave for you when you get back.

Have fun, and say hi to your mum for us! Bye Luna!!!!!

~ Lily

PS ~ About cooking, we know to use the lighter to turn on the stove, but what about the oven? It seems fine but I just want to get the official go-ahead because I'm a bit paranoid that we'll do something wrong and blow up half of Berkeley. On the one hand, that would be really fracking cool. But on the other, we'd be scorched blobby bits and unable to appreciate the coolness. What's you opinion?
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Christ, I've just spent far too long without internet access. No more DSL. We're stuck with dial-up until SBC gets its ass in gear and installs our new fiber optics. And, hell, it took about nearly a week for us to get the dial-up to work. Ugh. Dial-up sucks. It's... just... so... fucking... slow... at... loading... pages... You get the point. But it's still better than none at all.

Things I've done without the distraction of the internet:

~ read True Notebooks by Mark Salzman. He's one of my absolute favorite authors. There's something about his writing that pulls me out of the book slumps that I occasionally fall into. I've been in a slump for a while now (heck, I'm still only quarter of the way through Order of the Phoenix, and it's been how many months? Sheesh.), and I finally pulled him out to give me the kick in the pants that I've been needing. I blasted through this book in two late night reading sessions, and now I'm all energized for more. I'm ready to wade back into the fray and take on Harry Potter and the Hangnail of Infinity, or whatever happens to be thwarting him this time.

~ watched the Tony awards on Sunday. BILL!!!!! Bill Irwin won best actor! Now I want to fly out to New York to see him and Kathleen Turner in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. I adore him, and I'm sure he totally deserved it. Although that probably kills any chance of him ever coming back to the Bay Area with David Shriner for a repeat production of Fool Moon. Darn it, now I'm extra mad at myself for not seeing that while it was here. *sigh*

~ finally got around to watching the Lost season finale with Luna, Saffie, and Ang. Firstly: OMGWTF!!!! And secondly: I was right, this whole first season has been one big, long prequel. One the one hand, I'm kinda pissed that we got virtually no new information out of it, but on the other hand, now THAT'S how you do a season finale. Leave us battered and bruised and we will be down on our knees begging for more.

~ watched Z Boys and Dogtown, the documentary on skateboarders in the 70's. Had me reminiscing about watching my brothers and their friends skating when we were little. That was was in the late 80's, a decade later than the movie's focus, but I found myself still remembering all the old terms for the moves they used, and the graffiti is the same as the stickers that are still on the doors to our old rooms. It actually makes me wanna try it. Sadly, I never did more than butt-board down a few hills. I was always too scared to go fast while standing up, and mostly sat on the sidewalk watching everyone else. Yeah, I'm pathetic.

~ played around with a picture of Ralph Fiennes, trying to make Tom Riddle icons. Somewhere along the way, I may have become a teensy tiny bit entranced by him. Ok, maybe more than a teensy tiny bit. Alright, FINE, I am totally in thrall to him. Geez. It's not my fault. Really. I mean, look at him. He's just so fucking intense, he commands absolute attention. If that's what Voldie was like at the height of his reign, then I get why people followed him. I certainly can't take my eyes off of him. It's like he's staring directly into my soul. I'm sorta left wanting to please him. Um, yeah, I'd probably be curled at his feet offering to cast a Cruciatus for him. What? I gots no pride. I have about a dozen different icons of him that prove that.


And that's just all the stuff that's coming to mind right now. Hmm, maybe not having the internet is a good thing for me.

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Played around with clothes today, trying to figure out what costumes I'll be wearing to Con. Turns out I don't have all that much variety in my wardrobe (hey, grey will NEVER go out of style, so shaddup), but I did find that I have some pretty cool jewelry that I'd forgotten about. Am currently wearing a black and silver bracelet and my old Eye of Ra pendant. Go me.

Also found a small bronze-colored snake that I think will be perfect for my Death Eater costume. I'm thinking of switching it with the Eye of Ra, since it will probably look really cool on the short black cord, and will hang so that it hovers in the hollow of my throat. I even found a bronze medallion I bought a few years back at Ren Faire that has a dragon on one side and a phoenix on the other. I think I'll wear that too, and go around bragging that I got it when I AK'd an Order member. That's just far too cool to resist.

I decided a dark suit would work well as my costume for Nabiki, especially if I slick my hair back and maybe put it in a bun. Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to do about those incriminating pictures I'm supposed to have of girl!Ranma. I'm not sure if I should have a sign advertising the pictures for sale, or just have a few printed out to flash around. Hmmm.

Embarrassing moment of the day: I was playing with my cheap little tattoo pens this morning, drawing a bunch of stuff on my legs, then promptly forgot about them for the rest of the day. Forgot about them so well that I freaked out when I got undressed for the night. Thought for a moment that I had contracted some rare life-threatening disease that would be totally incurable, before memory finally reasserted itself. Ahem. Yeah, not a hypochondriac at all. Noooo.
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I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I've only seen it in bits and pieces, and mostly just the end. Finally got to see the movie all the way through, though, so that's an accomplishment. While I still don't think it's that bad of a movie adaptation (not everything can be as good a LOTR, which wasn't perfect either; also, if you want bad, try watching 'The End of the Affair' after reading the book *weeps*), I can say that I did have some problems with it. Though most of my problems are more related to the story than the movie.

So here's my random list of things that either thrilled me or made want to throw sharp objects at the TV.

What's that Harry? Ginny fell down a sewer? Oh no! )

Despite all my whining, I really did enjoy the movie. It hit all the right marks, and was fun to watch. It certainly had the overall feel of the book, and I'm not asking for more than that.

Also, on a costuming note: The robes are held closed by two frogs, instead of one. I think I'll be buying an extra one for my robe, because I'm a dork like that. Yeah, it's true.

ETA: A snippet of what passes for intelligent conversation between me and [ profile] lunascythe.

Luna: boo!
lily: eeek!
Luna: hahaa!!
lily: *pout*
Luna: *pat pat pat*
lily: *sniff*
Luna: .....
Luna: *hug!*
lily: auugghhh! EVIL!!!
Luna: heeheee
lily: *glare*

Scintillating, no?

For Saffie

Apr. 23rd, 2005 12:21 am
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Image hosted by

This is the best way I could think to crop it. And I couldn't think of any clever words to go along with it. I think my brain gets overwhelmed by the pretty and fizzles.

Since I know you'll be seeing this at work, I'm also putting the tag up, too. That way you can just copy and paste it if you want to load it up right now.

Of course, if you can think of any changes you'd like me to try, just let me know :)
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Just a random post to taunt [ profile] lunascythe with my new WEEZER cd's. New to me anyway, since I bought them 'used' at Rasputin, though one was still wrapped. God I love buying cd's for cheap. Makes me feel all special.

Also, we have a new pontiff: Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany. I bid him welcome and wish him good luck, 'cos dude, he's anti everything that matters, and there is no way in hell we're gonna make that easy for him. To be honest, I think he's more of a transitional figurehead that will hopefully lead to a more liberal pope after him, especially since Pope Benedict XVI is in his late 70's and is not likely to have anywhere near as long a papacy as John Paul II. I may have to break out a rosary and put in a few good words along those lines. That is, if I can remember how to say the rosary. And that's also assuming I don't burst into flames for my heretic ways. I think I'll keep a fire extinguisher nearby, just in case.
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Ah, Tru Calling, I didn't realize how much I missed you. I think I may have blocked the show from my memory, in self-defense since I figured it would get canceled. Especially with all the bitterness and vitriol left over from FOX axing just about every show that I like (crosses fingers for House, M.D. and Arrested Development). But it's back, and surprisingly not that bad. Not great, like Wonderfalls or Firefly, just nice.

And so, just a few thoughts I had while watching tonight, because I can't be arsed to write them up in pretty little paragraphs :)

Mostly shallow thoughts, yay! )

Yeah, that's all I got.
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Since April is National Poetry Month, I thought I might randomly post poetry every once in a while. I even had a nice, cutely suggestive poem by Keats that I wanted to start with. But then I went and had a huge argument with my mom about Pope John Paul II's views on condoms and contraceptives (she's lucky that's the only thing I brought up), and now I'm in the mood to be all confrontational. So I ended up reading through Walt Whitman, and found this poem that I had marked off years ago. It fits my mood for tonight.

    I heard it was charged against me that I sought to destroy institutions,
    But really I am neither for nor against institutions,
    (What indeed have I in common with them? Or what with the destruction of them?)
    Only I will establish in the Mannahatta and in every city of these States inland and seaboard,
    And in the fields and woods, and above every keel little or large that dents the water,
    Without edifices or rules or trustees or any argument,
    The institution of the dear love of comrades.

I promise that next time I'll post something fun and smutty. Maybe even slashy, if I'm still in the mood for Whitman ;)
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Pope John Paul II has died today. While I have vehemently disagreed with him on his ultra-conservative adherence to Catholic doctrine (his views on homosexuality, same-sex marriages, contraception and abortion, women in the preisthood, allowing priests to marry, just to name the big ones; sorry, I can't not mention them), I will forever hold him in the highest regard for the many great good acts he accomplished throughout his lifetime. He was a man of extraordinary faith and awe-inspiring love. Elected to the papacy on October 16, 1978, only months after I was born, he has always been 'my' pope and I will miss him dearly.

Farewell, Karol Wojtyla.
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Finally getting around to posting my me!doll. I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I spent a couple of hours trying to make the damn thing, and I'm still not entirely happy with it. I got as close as I could with clothes and facial features. Oddly enough, I'm least happy with the glasses; you'd think there would be a bigger selection of normal looking specs when you consider how many people wear them. That and the whole zero body fat problem. And the freakishly gigantic head. And... Oh, fuck it.

Lily Doll )

Many thanks to Luna for helping me figure out how to save the darn thing. Without her I would've been printing out each layer and taping them together. Such is the lameness of my computer skillz.
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Sorting Hat Results )
I'm glad I was still sorted into Ravenclaw, but I was expecting more Slytherin than that. Hmm. Well, maybe not, now that I think back on some of my answers.
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*slurs* I've just had my four wisdom teeth removed and two fillings in other teeth, or was it three? I had to have extra novacaine and the dentist had to cut gum and bone to remove my impacted lower left tooth. I can't feel my face and I'm typing with one hand. I'm not happy.


ETA: OW. Novacaine has worn off. I want to cry. I'm going to take my drugs now.
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Tomorrow I get my wisdom teeth yoinked outta my head. Need I mention that I'm not looking forward to this? This morning I woke up with a headache and it has stubbornly refused to leave for the rest of the day. I've been afraid to take aspirin or tylenol to get rid of it, 'cause don't they thin your blood so that you may bleed more than usual? Would the effects last that long?

Urg. Damn paranoia, kicks in over the weirdest possible things. For the most part I'm okay with the whole thing; I'm not overwhelmingly terrified of it. It's only when I think about it that I have a problem. Eh, well. Not much I can do about any of it now. I'm sure I'll have a lovely update tomorrow afternoon in which I groggily slur and drool all over the place.

I'm using my newly-made icon because I'm pessimistic like that.
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Was reading an interesting article about how archaeologists are using CAT scans to prove that King Tut wasn't murdered, when I came across this:

"Although they cannot be certain, the team believes that they have located the king's penis, present at Carter's exhumation but reported missing at the 1968 examination, loose in the sand around the king's body. There are also many fragments apparently belonging to other missing parts, such as a thumb, other digits, and pieces of vertebrae, present in this area."

Beyond the initial thought of 'eww,' I was wondering. Going by ancient Egyptian beliefs, would this mean that he's been wandering around the afterlife incomplete? And what if its not the right piece but they mistakenly believe it is and go and put it back, will he then be doomed to eternity like that? Poor Tut. He's never gonna rest in one piece peace.


The Leaky Cauldron has linked to the cover artworks for The Half-Blood Prince. I'm torn on which one I want more. On the one hand, I want to resume bitching that Britain gets all the cool stuff because I really want that cover with the beat-up copy of an "Advanced Potion Making" textbook on it. Even the name of the author is cool; how can anyone not like someone named Libatius Borage? (And how geeky am I that I could guess the meaning of those words in Latin?) But on the other hand, I do kinda like the American cover, with Dumbledore and Harry leaning over what looks to be a pensieve. I'm intrigued by the swirly mystery of it.

Both covers bring all sorts of speculation to my mind, and leave me hoping that they imply we'll be getting more back story on what was going on during the Marauders and First War eras. If that is a pensieve, who's memories will Harry be getting a glimpse into, and what will he be seeing? And that potions textbook, all battered and abused. Who's is it? I'm sure I'm not surprising anyone when I say that I hope it's Snape's from back in the day. *bounces at the thought* Of course it could have belonged to anyone back then. I'd be just as happy if it was maybe Lily's or James'. Ok, marginally less happy, but back story is back story. I'm not gonna be picky. I even saw a theory that it may belong to Harry, that he somehow ends up having that class despite all opinions on the matter. I'd be happy with that too. ('Cause that still means more Snape. Yum. Er, ahem.)
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Why has it never been brought to my attention that Stephen Fry does the narration for the British distribution of Harry Potter audio books? Gah, I want them! I don't care that they're essentially the same thing, Stephen Fry has one of the most wonderful voices I've ever heard. It's all wry and witty and totally sexy as hell, and I just bet you can hear the sly wink in his voice when he's reading. I'm sure that Jim Dale, who does the American versions, is quite nice and all, but dude. It's STEPHEN FRY. His voice is the epitome of cheeky erudite sex. Oh lordy, just imagining him doing Severus Snape's lines is making me go all melty. Must. Hear. This. *drools from the lust* And yeah, there's the whole "those are children's books, you sick freak" thing, but really, does it matter by now? I have far too many reasons to be ashamed of myself and I doubt this one will put me any deeper in hell than I am already bound to go.

In other shallow news, I now have The Sandman Vol. 1, as well as Fruits Basket #7 and Descendants of Darkness #3. Finally. And I'm trying really really hard not to think about how much money was involved. I don't think I'll be buying anything else for many moons, though. No more books, or bookstores. And of course now I have a sudden urge to visit The Other Change of Hobbit. *quickly re-asserts self-control*

I'm gonna wander off now and play with my new toys, which includes a pretty little necklace that makes an even prettier little bracelet. It was a flea market treasure that I got for $2, and I can hear nearly silent jingly noises when I move, which makes me happy. I'm trying to decide if I can remove some of the links and turn them into matching earrings, but I don't know if I'm up to the task. Hmm.
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