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Name:Inner Imp
Birthdate:May 30
Location:California, United States of America
Website:InnerImp at
Lily is a gal in her early thirties, very boring, nothing much going on. She loves stories in whatever form they come, be they books, movies, songs, fan fiction, even conversations overheard in the grocery store (and the internet, of course) fascinate her. She's really not all that particular.

Lily is very shy, and still not too sure what she's doing with a journal of any kind, since she really doesn't have much of a life to recount here and will most likely spend the time blathering on about fannish nonsense in an aimless sort of way. She also has no talent for writing at all, but she will do her best to keep things percolating at a moderate speed.

All icons are created by Lily, and likely will continue to be until she caves in and gets a paid account.

Interests (67):

alliteration, ambiguous latinas, angel, anime, anthophobia, baghdad-by-the-bay, battlestar galactica, blazing ninjas, books, brothers battling scary shit, buffy the vampire slayer, caenfetti, closed caption sound effects, coupling, cowboy bebop, cross-dressing cuttle fish, cute guys wearing glasses, dominic monaghan, dorothy parker, eternal hellfire central heating, existential expeditions, exploding sperm, fan fiction, firefly, freedom of speech, fruits basket, gossiping about fictional people, graham greene, graphic novels, harry potter fanfiction, highlander, hyphenated horrors, inner imps, jack davenport, kitten smoothies, live!! rude!! girl!!, lord of the rings, mark salzman, megatokyo, methos, michel gagne, movies, museums, music, pet brain cells, photography, poetry, potc, reading, renaissance faires, science fiction, short stories, shutterbox, slash, snape/black, sparrington, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, steampunk, temeraire, the car-strangled spanner, the house jacks, the lickables, three-dot journalism, tolkien, urban fantasy, whip-cracking sarcasm
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