innerimp: (Asmodeus  --  MegaTokyo)
lily: ooh pretty pictures
sushi: not really, just a lot of them
lily: any good blackmail possibilities?
sushi: yeah
lily: yay
lily: wait, none of me, right?
sushi: hee hee
sushi: let me take a look
lily: uh-oh
lily: shit, are there twister pics?!?!
lily: there are!!!!
lily: ack!
sushi: yeah
lily: i'll go hide now
sushi: darn, nothing really good for blackmail
sushi: hee hee
lily: er, can i bribe you over to my side with awesome sga/my little pony crack porn?
sushi: my little pony????
lily: yes?
lily: it's really funny!
sushi: why in gods name(s) is there my little pony porn?!?!?!
lily: i'm... not really sure
lily: but it's good! no, really it is!
lily: and nowhere near as scary as you're thinking
sushi: still sounds bad to me
sushi: not to mention very disturbing
lily: well, yes; but still not that bad
lily: part 1 and part 2
lily: don't worry, the stories aren't too long, and they're so much better than you're expecting
sushi: if not i shall make the luna hug you
sushi: a lot
lily: wah
lily: you are cruel
lily: i would never offer you bad pony porn
sushi: ill belive you... this time
lily: hee

sushi: not only is it pony porn, but lesbian pony porn!
lily: yes! see the genius of it now?
sushi: i plead the 5th
lily: of course. i totally understand *wink*
sushi: =p
lily: but, 'tis good, no?
sushi: ...yes
lily: hee
innerimp: Rex and his alien friend from Inner Sanctum (Asmodeus  --  MedaTokyo)
...until then, you get AIM conversations!

lily: g'nite, satan
Luna: satan luvs you
Luna: haahaa
lily: only for my wasted soul
Luna: *snuggles soul*
lily: *soul squishes despondently*
Luna: your soul squishes?
lily: yeah. doesn't your's?
Luna: so that's what that sound was
Luna: i was starting to wonder
lily: what, you thought it was crying?
lily: with you, that's a possibility
Luna: .....
innerimp: Screen cap from Snatch (Squeak -- Snatch)
Luna: im afraid - deviantART: Hunting Acorns by *ursulav
lily: oookkkaayyy. nice work, though
lily: actually, kind of funny
Luna: yeah
lily: "Savage, stubborn, and ferociously independant, the spirit of the acorn cannot be broken."
Luna: heehee
lily: truly, we do not fully appreciate this noble nut as much as it deserves
Luna: haahaa!
lily: *snerk*
lily: how wrong is it that it was tamed by a squirl?
lily: uh oh, just realized that you should send this to angie
lily: i'd love to see her reaction
Luna: you just realized it?
lily: sometimes i can be slow on the uptake
Luna: *pat pat*

Luna: [web site that won't load]
lily: nope
Luna: one of these is bound to work, right? [more site addresses]
lily: sorry
Luna: do you have a parental block or no that cant be it...youd go through withdral
lily: hahaha!
Luna: well you get no funniness then
lily: sadness... except i'm still giggling
innerimp: Rex and his alien friend from Inner Sanctum (Gandalf -- FOTR)
I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I've only seen it in bits and pieces, and mostly just the end. Finally got to see the movie all the way through, though, so that's an accomplishment. While I still don't think it's that bad of a movie adaptation (not everything can be as good a LOTR, which wasn't perfect either; also, if you want bad, try watching 'The End of the Affair' after reading the book *weeps*), I can say that I did have some problems with it. Though most of my problems are more related to the story than the movie.

So here's my random list of things that either thrilled me or made want to throw sharp objects at the TV.

What's that Harry? Ginny fell down a sewer? Oh no! )

Despite all my whining, I really did enjoy the movie. It hit all the right marks, and was fun to watch. It certainly had the overall feel of the book, and I'm not asking for more than that.

Also, on a costuming note: The robes are held closed by two frogs, instead of one. I think I'll be buying an extra one for my robe, because I'm a dork like that. Yeah, it's true.

ETA: A snippet of what passes for intelligent conversation between me and [ profile] lunascythe.

Luna: boo!
lily: eeek!
Luna: hahaa!!
lily: *pout*
Luna: *pat pat pat*
lily: *sniff*
Luna: .....
Luna: *hug!*
lily: auugghhh! EVIL!!!
Luna: heeheee
lily: *glare*

Scintillating, no?

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