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Sometimes I can't help but be astounded at the sheer stupidity of my cat. For the most part, I think Blue's fairly intelligent, but then there are moments when you gotta wonder if she's got a fur ball lodged in her brain. Really, what else am I expected to think when she insists on bringing hissing baby opossums into the house? Bad enough that she occasionally loses a rat or two, but why grab something that is simply too big for her to deal with in the first place? Dopey feline. The first possum she lost mere seconds after she let it go, and it took us nearly two days to find it and let it free. Darn thing was pretty spunky too; it hissed like mad while backing away from me when I let it go.

Timing for the second one was perfect. It just so happened that [ profile] saffire_rose was over. We were watching House M.D. when I hear Blue come in through the pet door. Personally, I find it hilarious when she comes strutting in and giving a muffled meow through a mouthful of prey. Sadly, Saffie doesn't find it as amusing. The moment she saw that Blue had a furry grey critter with a long pink tail, she screamed and jumped up onto the chair, which was pretty funny all on it's own. But I have to say she handled the whole thing fairly well, and was able to help out by fetching me a box to capture the possum while I had cornered. She even walked with me to the empty lot up the street so I could set the little bugger free, although remaining a good ten feet away the whole time. All in all, I'd say Saffie done good.

Anyway, those 'possums were the last straw. A few weeks ago I had thought it would be fun if I could get her to wear a cute little collar, and to be nice I was going to remove the bell from it in an effort to make it more acceptable to her. Thankfully, I never got around to removing it. (But I have been wearing my jingly silver anklet everyday since, just so she wouldn't feel so alone in the noisiness. Oddly enough, I think she actually appreciates that.)

So she has now been fitted with her new collar, and I can hear her when she comes down the stairs to eat her food. Or has an itch. Or decides to enthusiastically groom herself in the most embarrassing manner. Whatever. Just please don't laugh at my cat, 'cos she's all hypersensitive about it and will likely claw the shit out of you. And I won't offer you any bactine or band aids because didn't I warn you and you didn't listen so ha.

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