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Wow, has this ever been the week of craptastic luck. Just a quick run-down: locked myself out of the house; bent my car key by slamming it in the front door; whacked my pinkie toe on desk, turning it into a purple and yellow throbbing appendage of pain; since then have not gone one day without re-bashing said toe into numerous low-lying objects; broke a glass; got a blister on the roof of my mouth from a scalding hot french fry; and my mother has repeatedly accused me of being cruel and inhuman because I'm trying to follow our vet's orders and putting my cat on a diet.

What, did I inadvertently pee on some deity's sacred calf? 'Cause if I have offended anyone or anything, I am so very sorry. Really, truly, very, very sorry.

My poor toe )
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We miss you Luna! As if you didn't already guess. Are you having fun without us? I hope so. Although I like imagining you gritting your teeth and fighting the urge to break down and start gabbing about Harry Potter and Stargate to your cousins and whatever random strangers you pass by. The thought makes me smile, so I think about it a lot.

The house is doing well, and the cats seem to have gotten used to us fairly quickly. Joey scared the hell out of me the first day when he decided to play dead at the front door, but other than that is just as Joey as usual. Fluffy still acts like a southern belle and continues to declare herself Queen Bitch Kitty, though I've taken to calling her Miss Fluffy in her presence. She likes to stand by and voice her opinions while I'm scooping the litter box, which is only a little nerve-wracking. And Gata seems to have adjusted pretty well. She's only had a few pissy moments, usually when I've slipped and called her by my cat's name (oops), and only occasionally looks at me as if to say, "Why are you still here?!?!" But she's been very tolerant of me, and doesn't seem to mind my weird presence.

Did you know that we somehow ended up being official volunteers for the Harry Potter party? All because we've read the books. Yup, apparently no one in B&N knows a darn thing about them. Thats right, not one person in the entire BOOKSTORE knows anything about the best-selling series of the past five years. Pathetic, wouldn't you agree? Well, Darris has been reading them, but he's just barely started Book 3. Heh, Saffie handed him her print outs of Shoebox to read, but we had to snatch them back when he asked who Prongs was. That's just unacceptable. Guess we'll have to wait until he's read up to Book 5 before forcing them on him again. But at least he was enjoying them up 'til then. Oh, speaking of Darris, could you tell us where your robe is hiding? I tried looking for it the other day, but couldn't remember where you'd said it would be.

Sorry it's taken so long to get to this. I've hardly had a chance to get on the computer out here. Argh, frustrating. But I'm glad you wrote, both regular and e-mail. Hope to hear from you again soon, but until then I'll just have to be content with figuring what kind of otherish things to leave for you when you get back.

Have fun, and say hi to your mum for us! Bye Luna!!!!!

~ Lily

PS ~ About cooking, we know to use the lighter to turn on the stove, but what about the oven? It seems fine but I just want to get the official go-ahead because I'm a bit paranoid that we'll do something wrong and blow up half of Berkeley. On the one hand, that would be really fracking cool. But on the other, we'd be scorched blobby bits and unable to appreciate the coolness. What's you opinion?
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Christ, I've just spent far too long without internet access. No more DSL. We're stuck with dial-up until SBC gets its ass in gear and installs our new fiber optics. And, hell, it took about nearly a week for us to get the dial-up to work. Ugh. Dial-up sucks. It's... just... so... fucking... slow... at... loading... pages... You get the point. But it's still better than none at all.

Things I've done without the distraction of the internet:

~ read True Notebooks by Mark Salzman. He's one of my absolute favorite authors. There's something about his writing that pulls me out of the book slumps that I occasionally fall into. I've been in a slump for a while now (heck, I'm still only quarter of the way through Order of the Phoenix, and it's been how many months? Sheesh.), and I finally pulled him out to give me the kick in the pants that I've been needing. I blasted through this book in two late night reading sessions, and now I'm all energized for more. I'm ready to wade back into the fray and take on Harry Potter and the Hangnail of Infinity, or whatever happens to be thwarting him this time.

~ watched the Tony awards on Sunday. BILL!!!!! Bill Irwin won best actor! Now I want to fly out to New York to see him and Kathleen Turner in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. I adore him, and I'm sure he totally deserved it. Although that probably kills any chance of him ever coming back to the Bay Area with David Shriner for a repeat production of Fool Moon. Darn it, now I'm extra mad at myself for not seeing that while it was here. *sigh*

~ finally got around to watching the Lost season finale with Luna, Saffie, and Ang. Firstly: OMGWTF!!!! And secondly: I was right, this whole first season has been one big, long prequel. One the one hand, I'm kinda pissed that we got virtually no new information out of it, but on the other hand, now THAT'S how you do a season finale. Leave us battered and bruised and we will be down on our knees begging for more.

~ watched Z Boys and Dogtown, the documentary on skateboarders in the 70's. Had me reminiscing about watching my brothers and their friends skating when we were little. That was was in the late 80's, a decade later than the movie's focus, but I found myself still remembering all the old terms for the moves they used, and the graffiti is the same as the stickers that are still on the doors to our old rooms. It actually makes me wanna try it. Sadly, I never did more than butt-board down a few hills. I was always too scared to go fast while standing up, and mostly sat on the sidewalk watching everyone else. Yeah, I'm pathetic.

~ played around with a picture of Ralph Fiennes, trying to make Tom Riddle icons. Somewhere along the way, I may have become a teensy tiny bit entranced by him. Ok, maybe more than a teensy tiny bit. Alright, FINE, I am totally in thrall to him. Geez. It's not my fault. Really. I mean, look at him. He's just so fucking intense, he commands absolute attention. If that's what Voldie was like at the height of his reign, then I get why people followed him. I certainly can't take my eyes off of him. It's like he's staring directly into my soul. I'm sorta left wanting to please him. Um, yeah, I'd probably be curled at his feet offering to cast a Cruciatus for him. What? I gots no pride. I have about a dozen different icons of him that prove that.


And that's just all the stuff that's coming to mind right now. Hmm, maybe not having the internet is a good thing for me.


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