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So, I'm back! Sort of. Not that I've been gone or anything. Just... distracted.

But as penance I bring a fun link to an interview with Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) in the Sunday Datebook. I love Neva Chonin. She has the best questions any interviewer could ask. My favorite:

Q:... there's a little game I want to play with you. It's a prison game.

A: Oh, God.

Q: It's called "Who's the Bitch?"

And that's just one moment out of many that includes discussions on drag queens and Rocky Horror songs and pitting Lucius against Captain Hook. Read it and worship accordingly here:

I do intend to post more often. No, really. I promise to post more than sporadically. 'Cause spores are bad. Not that spores have anything to do with it. Or do they? Hmm, do spores have anything to do with sporadic events? Because sporadic implies random and unscheduled occurrences, but I've always thought that spores aren't necessarily all that random. Ferns release spores in the springtime, right? Like most plants, I would think. Except molds, which probably don't have to follow the seasons very often, since they live in dark and fetid places. Unless that happens to be in someplace easily affected by outside temperatures. In which case...

Huh. Maybe I should've stay quiet.

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